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World Food Day

Today is a day for reflection around the world on how our food is distributed. Does everyone have access to a proper meal?

Are people hungry in the world?

Was there a worsening in food due to the pandemic?

According to data from the United Nations, about a tenth of the global population, approximately 811 million people, are undernourished. Therefore they are hungry. This number is higher than before the pandemic.

In Brazil, 50 million Brazilians do not know what their next meal will be. This situation is called food insecurity. In addition, according to official data from 2020, approximately 19.1 million Brazilians are hungry.

Do most of us know what it's like to sleep hungry or not know when the next meal will be or if you'll have food to serve your family? Today is a day to think about it.

After all, food, a basic need for all living beings, should be everyone's right.


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