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Nutrology and Treatments

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Nutrology, according to the Brazilian Association of Nutrology-ABRAN, is the medical specialty that studies, researches and evaluates nutrients in food, food and our body, both in health and disease conditions. It involves the pathophysiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases related to food, or the lack of it.


It is closely related to the adequate supply of nutrients and phytochemicals to the body, assuming an important role in reducing the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases that are among the main causes of death today, such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and cancer. Nutrology is a medical specialty recognized since 1978.

What is the difference between a Nutrologist and a Nutritionist?

Although these two areas work with Nutrition, the Nutrologist is a doctor, so he has been in medical school for 6 years and then specializes in Nutrology or Clinical Nutrition. Therefore, the Nutrologist's approach focuses on a medical view, different from the Nutritionist who is not a doctor.

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