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Winter: green tea and coffee are among the most consumed beverages on cold days

Green tea and coffee are among the most consumed items on cold days.

With the arrival of winter, it is natural to search for foods with greater amounts of carbohydrates and hot drinks to keep the body warm. However, it is important to pay attention to some of them so that excessive consumption is not harmful to health.

Green tea is one of the drinks that is very successful at this time of year. According to the nutrologist Andrea Pereira, from Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, green tea contains, in addition to beneficial substances such as polyphenols and catechins, caffeine, which is a compound also present in coffee, normally consumed when the desire is to stay awake. However, Andrea explains that some people are more sensitive to caffeine and become more alert than others. Therefore, when they drink caffeinated drinks at night, they end up having problems with sleep or even insomnia and in them, green tea will cause this effect. So, despite this being a functional drink, it is recommended not to drink it before bed for those who are sensitive to caffeine. During the day, this tea can be a great option to warm up cold days due to its many benefits. In addition to aiding in weight loss, the drink helps control glucose levels. This weight loss helps insulin action, balancing blood sugar levels. “Green tea contributes to weight loss because it raises the body's temperature and accelerates the burning of calories,” explains Andrea.

Another drink widely consumed in the coldest season of the year is coffee and it also deserves attention, since when consumed in excess it can be harmful. Many people exceed the maximum daily consumption of four to five cups. According to the nutrologist, caffeine in large amounts increases heart rate and blood pressure, in addition to irritating the gastric mucosa, causing pain and reflux.


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