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Water fasting: know the diet and its dangers

In the search to adapt to patterns that imprison us, many women end up on weird diets. One of them is the “water fast”, which as the name implies, is when the person ingests, exclusively, water.

The dietitian Gustavo Oliveira explains that the diet makes you lose weight. “But not in a healthy way. The person will lose weight because they are drinking only liquids. However, this is very dangerous. And once she goes back to normal food, she'll gain all her weight back, or maybe even more than before.” According to him, this happens because the metabolism slows down, as our body needs to conserve energy. “And that's going to have the opposite effect on long-term weight loss. There is no scientific basis for the effectiveness of this diet, except if it is in the case of a food plan that includes conscious intermittent fasting and with medical supervision”.

Fasting water does not supply our needs

The physician Andrea Pereira explains that fasting on the water is not recommended as it does not meet all our needs, which can affect our health. “We need to eat a variety of nutrients to keep our bodies functioning properly. Our bodies need carbohydrates, fats and proteins, among other nutrients. In addition, very restrictive diets lead to a drop in metabolism, making it difficult to lose weight”, he reinforces. She adds that, during the fasting period, our bodies can suffer from a number of symptoms. “Blood sugar crashes, whose symptoms are cold sweating, malaise, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. And this picture can lead to a coma in more severe cases. In addition, the lack of energy due to fasting can lead to headache, irritation, tiredness, weakness, memory and concentration alterations, among others”.


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