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Understand the relationship between smoking and food

Some people report the fear of quitting smoking and getting fat because they've seen it happen to acquaintances. Cigarettes are often an escape valve for moments of anxiety and, when a person stops smoking, he can seek this escape in caloric foods, hence the weight gain. Neither cigarettes nor food should be used to control anxiety. Finding the true cause of this symptom is important, and psychological therapy can help.

In addition to the fact that smoking can develop more severe forms of covid-19, another problem that can be caused by it is cancer. Like an unhealthy diet and obesity, smoking accounts for approximately 30% of the preventable causes of cancer. Food also has a great influence on the process of those who want to quit smoking and can be a key part for those who are going through it. “These factors are related to several types of cancer, but smoking further increases the risk of cancer of the lung, bladder, oral cavity and esophagus. Therefore, within the cancer prevention campaigns there is a great incentive to a diet with more fruits, vegetables, fiber, less red meat and alcohol, weight loss for people with obesity, saying no to sedentary lifestyles and smoking", explains Dr. Andrea Pereira, from the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. Quitting smoking is critical to preventing not only cancer, but cardiovascular problems as well. This decision, both necessary and difficult, requires planning and help from health professionals. It can be an opportunity for habits that are harmful to health to be reviewed and, thus, positive changes in eating habits and physical activity can take place, which will bring numerous health benefits.


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