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Does Food Have Direct Interference with Acne?

There is a lot of talk about the negative interference that poor diet has on the skin and to talk more about this topic and the relationship between acne and nutrition, we invite the physician specialized in Clinical Nutrition, Andrea Pereira, to clear up some doubts and talk about the most suitable foods for the consumption in everyday life.

Acne vs nutrition:

According to the professional, there are no studies that prove a direct association between acne and nutrition, mainly due to the difficulty in conducting controlled studies; however, it is interesting to note that western populations, with diets rich in dairy products, high in glycemic and fat, are more affected by blackheads and pimples than eastern ones. This is reinforced by studies that demonstrate an antimicrobial action and a reduction in the production of “sebum” from green tea polyphenols, which are widely consumed in the East.

“The omega 3 present in fish has a protective action against the appearance of moderate and severe acne, so they must be present in the diet regularly. In addition, diets rich in vegetables are also protective against the severity of acne,” says Andrea.


High consumption of high glycemic carbohydrates has been linked to acne, obesity, and increased insulin. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in more complex carbohydrates, such as rice and wholegrain pasta, and less in simple ones, such as sweets and soft drinks. This change in habits is essential for a healthier diet, improving acne and, consequently, the risk of chronic diseases.


The consumption of alcoholic beverages increases the severity and presence of acne through hormonal and immunological mechanisms. Therefore, if ingestion cannot be avoided, it must be controlled.


Who can live without it? There is no consensus on the subject, but studies show that people with acne who consume the sweet weekly had a worsening in their condition, even in situations where the chocolate was bitter. It is possible to say then that it is more associated with the worsening of acne than with its appearance.

It is noteworthy that some people are more prone to acne than others. “Although there are controversies regarding studies evaluating the influence of nutrition and acne, we can emphasize that a balanced diet, with less fat and sugar and more fish and vegetables, is interesting and indicated to reduce its severity. Investing in a healthy lifestyle always brings benefits in any circumstance”, concludes the professional.


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