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Breakfast provides essential nutrients for the body, study says

Food directly affects health over the years. Consuming nutritious foods is the first step in maintaining a regulated diet that provides energy for you to carry out your daily tasks. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast can provide the energy and satiety your body needs.

According to an Ohio University study, published in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, adults who skip breakfast often lose the most abundant essential nutrients in their morning meal foods.

Analyzing the study, Dr. Marcella Garcez understands that people who ate breakfast ate more total calories than people who did not, but lunch, dinner and snacks were much higher for people who skipped breakfast. morning and tended to have an inferior diet. “Eating in the morning is a strategy to reduce calorie intake throughout the day and improve the quality of the diet,” she says.

In addition to the nutritional gain, research shows that this meal can improve cognitive performance and feelings of well-being immediately, according to Dr. Andrea Pereira, MD, PhD. According to the professional, in the long term, there are some studies that showed an association between breakfast consumption and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease or dyslipidemia. "Furthermore, it still provides better glycemic control in type 2 diabetes mellitus and maintenance of weight loss," she concludes.

Thinking about adopting a balanced breakfast, Rogério Oliveira, a nutritionist specializing in health, quality of life, weight loss and performance, recommends avoiding foods with refined carbohydrates, such as sweetbreads, cakes, sugar, chocolate milk drinks and sweetened juice. “Some foods that can be part of breakfast are fruits, which provide vitamins and minerals. Whole grains and cereals help in the functioning of the intestine, in addition to having vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index”, he reveals.

Protein sources and medium or low glycemic index carbohydrates are also essential. The specialist suggests milk, low-fat cheeses, eggs, yogurts, whole-grain bread and toast and oat bran for the morning menu.


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