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Obesity and Breast Cancer

According to data from the National Cancer Institute (INCA), in 2020, we had 66,280 new cases of breast cancer in Brazil. In addition, we have approximately 41 million Brazilians with obesity, according to the latest reports from the Ministry of Health. And what do these 2 chronic diseases have in common?

Obesity is a worldwide pandemic and in Brazil this is no different, in recent years we have had a growing increase in people with obesity in the country. Approximately 26 types of cancer have been associated with this chronic disease, including breast cancer.

Obese women (body mass index above 30 kg/m2) are more likely to develop breast cancer. Added to this, they also have a higher risk of complications from breast cancer surgery, such as infection and swelling. And after controlling the cancer, obesity increases the risk of relapse and the appearance of another cancer.

Women often start treatment for breast cancer without obesity, but as a result of hormonal blockage, which is necessary in many cases, there is an increase in weight and body fat.

A dietary re-education and physical activity, within a lifestyle change, are essential for weight control and a better response to treatment, in addition to prevention. In many cases, treatment with anti-obesity drugs and bariatric surgery are also necessary for better weight control.


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